About us...

Biorgánica Bacab is a 100% Mexican owned cosmetic company devoted to caring for our skin, our hair and our environment. Our formulas are made entirely from natural ingredients which are harvested, processed, and packaged following the best ecological and professional practices. We offer a range of products based on essential oils that are extracted in the purest way to benefit our skin and our hair.  Biorgánica Bacab products help moisturize, smooth, and regenerate. Our bath products soothe and make bathing an utterly relaxing experience. 

As we are devoted to the care of our planet, all of our packaging is made from biodegradable or recyclable materials. Our ingredients are grown, harvested, and processed in strict regard for the best practices for organic farming and sustainability. Our attention to guaranteeing that every aspect of our production respects and conserves our environment makes Biorganica Bacab a leading brand among eco-friendly products. We are recognized by cosmetic professionals for the excellence of our products and for following Fair Trade Regulations at every stage of the manufacturing process, which favor local producers.

Treat yourself to the olfactory joy of our products !